What is TEMAN?
TEMAN is a molasses drink, that we categorize as tea because of the way it infuses in water although there are no tea leaves. It uses organic and natural ingredients (molasses sugar and dried flower/fruits) with no preservatives, no extra coloring, and no additional flavors.


What is molasses sugar?
Molasses sugar is a dark brown, almost black, moist granular sugar. Nutritively, it has high iron content, magnesium, calcium, Vit B6, potassium, selenium. Obviously not your average brown sugar.


What is the function of TEMAN?

TEMAN is a healthy drink aiming to nourished blood, gives a good flow of blood hence it will get benefits to your overall well-being. 


What is the effect after drinking TEMAN?

You will feel relax, loosen up your stress level, and can have a deep sleep or the quality sleep that you need. 


Is TEMAN only for mothers?
No, everyone can drink TEMAN, men, and women. Pregnant ladies and post-pregnancy and also lactation mommies are suitable to drink as they can nourish blood and produce more milk (certain flavors like red dates, longan, and goji berry).


How is the taste of TEMAN?
TEMAN has 'laicikang' taste, a very light fruity taste, and refreshing.


What flavor do you have? 
We have two boxes, NYAMAN and AMAN. For NYAMAN, we have 5 flavors which are Rose, Roselle, Ginger, Osmanthus, & Red dates. In AMAN, we have 4 flavors which are Lavender, Longan, Chrysanthemum, & Goji berry. 


How many calories per serving?
1 cube weighs 20gram with 73kcal.


What is the recommended serving?
1 cube is for 500 ml liquid. Best to do in a small teapot. You can either pour hot water or warm milk. Other than that, you can also add the cube into your meal example oatmeal for breakfast or smoothies.


Is it suitable for pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and lactation mommies?
Yes, as it is a natural product, all women and men can drink TEMAN including pregnant women, but it is best to consult with your doctor before consuming TEMAN. However, it is especially suitable for post-pregnancy and lactation moms as it can increase milk supply and give extra energy.