TEMAN is an online store that is selling healthy natural organic drinks with a molasses sugar base mixed with dried herbs (mainly flowers and fruits). Called the drink TEMAN with NYAMAN and AMAN series, as it is relatable to the function of the drink, and the word 'teman' is a Malay word for companion.


The drink is in a cube form for easier mix into a drink. Easy to bring anywhere, fast and easy to mix with just hot water, it is what we need in this busy world. The main function of the drink is to get the effect of calming and relaxation, so people can free their mind or recharge their body and soul.


Why choose us?

  • Natural ingredients
    We use only natural ingredients without any preservatives and additional coloring and flavoring.  
  • Affordable price
    Our price is fair for everyone and does not break the bank.
  • Safe and halal
    We are certified Mesti and Halal by Jakim.
  • For everyone (men and women)
    There are no limitations to drink, it is for everyone.
  • Best quality
    We assure you with the best quality product that you won't regret. 

Contact us

Whatsapp 6013-757 1573